BoomBox and Bronzeville Market Community Meeting

Alderman Dowell, CDOT, Activate Chicago, and the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events hosted a special Town Hall Meeting in June to introduce the new BoomBox pop-up shop planned for the corner of 47th and Vincennes Ave. and the return of the Bronzeville Community Market. Thank you to everyone who joined us and provided feedback on these fun new neighborhood developments. Thank you as well to the Guichards who hosted the event at their beautiful gallery on 47th St.
BoomBox is a concept currently in use across Chicago in communities like Englewood and Wicker Park that re-purposes an old shipping container to host pop-up retail stores, art installations and live music events. Rent is charged on a per-week basis and allows individuals who otherwise could not afford rent at a traditional brick and mortar building to open up a physical store for a short time inside the BoomBox. BoomBoxes have electricity, heating, AC and can be customized for each new tenant. The Bronzeville Community Market is a continuation of the community farmers market that was located in the vacant lot on the southwest corner of 47th and King Drive last year. This year the market will be located at 51st St. and the CTA Green Line in partnership with Boxville.

The meeting presentation can be found at Thrive Zones Boombox Community Meeting Presentation – Bronzeville